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Who is it for?

Have you launched your SaaS product or AI product recently and looking to submit it into directories to get initial traction in traffic and SEO? If you are a solopreneur and micro team who do many things at the same time. This is for you.

What do you get?

This list offers nearly 140 websites with a total traffic of over 150 million and includes 40+ high-SEO-rated websites. It comes with clear guides for more than 40 sites and could save you over 60 hours. The list features both free and paid options for your convenience.

How is it different from other free resources?

If you manage to locate a free list, you'll still need to verify its accuracy, which involves visiting numerous websites and extracting the necessary information—a process that could take hours. Such comprehensive validation isn't typically available with other free resources.

Thus, purchasing this could save you a significant amount of time, making it a worthwhile investment if your hourly rate exceeds $1.

Why should you buy?

  1. 40+ sites documented
  2. 100+ sites checked for DA and do-follow
  3. 65+ websites with DA above 30
  4. 40+ sites with backlinks
  5. Details are much more than free listing that you see on the internet

Unlock Maximum Exposure for Your SaaS Product with Our Elite Guide

Achieve unparalleled visibility for your SaaS product with our strategically designed guide, specifically tailored to cut through the digital clutter. With access to a targeted audience of around 150 million and detailed insights into high Domain Authority (DA) sites, our guide is your shortcut to impactful online presence. Here’s what sets our guide apart:

  1. Expertly Curated Documentation for 40 SaaS Sites: Our guide meticulously details the submission process for 40 carefully selected SaaS submission sites, each chosen for its potential to drive visibility. This level of detail saves you at least 30 minutes per site in preparation and research, amounting to over 20 hours of saved effort—time that can be better spent on strategic development and growth.
  2. High DA and Backlink Opportunities: Dive into our curated list featuring 60+ high DA sites, with nearly 40 offering backlink opportunities, to significantly boost your SaaS product's search engine ranking and online credibility. This selective approach ensures you're not just gaining visibility but also building a robust backlink profile, crucial for SEO and digital authority.
  3. Strategic Access to a Vast Audience: Our guide not only simplifies the submission process but also strategically positions your product in front of an audience of approximately 150 million. By focusing on both free and paid submission opportunities across these high-traffic, high-DA sites, you're equipped to maximize exposure with precision and efficiency.
  4. Beyond Free Listings: While there are free resources available, they often lack the comprehensive insights, up-to-date information, and strategic depth our guide provides. We go beyond mere listings, offering a strategic playbook for navigating SaaS submissions with actionable insights that propel your product ahead of the competition.

Streamlined Strategy for Optimal Visibility

This is more than a guide; it’s a strategic asset designed to save you significant time and propel your SaaS product to the forefront of its market. With our focus on high DA sites and backlink opportunities, we ensure that your product gains not only visibility but also SEO benefits, enhancing its credibility and search engine position.

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Receive a list of 140+ websites for enhanced visibility, 40+ websites for SEO link-building, and detailed submission guides for 40+ sites.

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SaaS Launch List

4 ratings
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